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Greek Orthodox Metropolis of San Francisco

Folk Dance and Choral Festival

Rev. Fr. Gary Kyriacou

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The Greek Orthodox Folk Dance & Choral Festival Ministry is dedicated, through Orthodox Christian Fellowship and committed leadership, to promoting, encouraging and perpetuating the Orthodox faith, Greek heritage and culture among individuals, families and communities by expressing it through folk dance, folk art, music and language.


  • To bring people together in Orthodox Christian Fellowship and love, creating greater communion and stronger ties through interaction with fellow Orthodox Christians. Provide leadership skills to perpetuate the Ministry through the practice of acquired leadership skills in the administration of this organization. 
  • Promote ethical and moral standards befitting the life of an Orthodox Christian. 
  • Promote, encourage and perpetuate Greek heritage and culture through outreach activities that inform others of the Ministry's events, opportunities and commitment to its purposes and goals. 
  • Establish and maintain an administrative body to achieve the purposes outlined in the mission statement.